So you want to understand your cat...

You love your cat to bits, and you only want the best for your companion. But then you keep wondering if your cat is really happy. Maybe s/he looks at you with those big eyes, or maybe s/he shows some strange behavior. And you KNOW s/he wants to tell you something. But you just don't know what it is.

I know what it is like - I have been there! 

I used to think about it a lot... What do my cats want to say? What do I need to give them, so that they are happy? I bought them toys, the best food, gave them the best medical care. I cuddled, spent time with them, and did everything I knew to do.

But my cats seemed restless - something just wasn't right.

My cat Lisa kept retreating by herself, and my cat Lennie kept meowing in the middle of the night. I tried everything in the book... Homeopathic remedies, flower essences, pheromone therapy, clicker training. But nothing seemed to work. Clearly, something was eluding me... I was upset and sad that I didn't know how to make my cats happy.

Then I discovered animal communication.

It was a game changer! A whole new world opened up to me. I finally understood what my cats REALLY wanted, and why it was not about all that stuff... But about finding a real soul connection with them. It opened me up to my cats' purpose, and how they wanted to help me on my life path.

I realized that communicating with cats was more than a passion...

I was to pass this on to many other cat lovers out there! Being a cat whisperer became my career and my second nature. And I want to help you communicate with your cats as well, so you can really understand their wants, needs & messages for you.

Talk to your cat

Learn animal communication in just 3 days - in the comfort of your own home

This can be for you

  • Know what your cat wants

    You'll never have to guess again! You can now tap into your cat anytime, ask what s/he really needs, and what s/he wants to say to you.

  • Have a real conversation

    Cats have the most surprising things to say... Learn what the number one thing is that your cat wants, and what you can do to make your cat happy.

  • Deepen your bond

    When you understand what your cat is in your life for & what s/he helps you with... It will strengthen your relationship in the most gratifying way.

How do I know?

From the cats themselves! In thousands of sessions, the cats asked me to pass their secrets on to you

How this class will change your life

Not only will you get a deeper connection with your cat - but also with yourself!

  • Strengthen your intuition & develop all your psychic senses

  • Understand how your cat is a reflection of you & helps you on your life path

  • Find out your cat's task with you & embark on a wonderful joint journey

Let me guide you

I'm Sylvie Sterling - Cat whisperer & Founder of the Feline Soul Academy

Here is what you get:

Instant access to the full course material. This class is designed with fast results, so you can start communicating with your cat on the first day.

  • 10 easy-to-watch video lessons with my proven step-by-step system, so you can start talking to cats right away

  • 6 powerful exercises to connect to cats, so you can understand their wants, needs & messages

  • A wealth of truth about cats & what they do for us, so that you can have you a deeper bond with your cat than ever

After this course

You can talk to cats... Understand their behavior... Know what your cat REALLY wants & needs... Have a truly happy cat!

Join the class

Valued at: € 497 - Today only: € 77

This class is for you

Your cat wants you to be happy - and to have that true soul connection with you

Frequently asked questions

  • Can anyone learn animal communication?

    Yes, absolutely! We all have the ability to tap into animals, understand their messages and connect to their souls. With my proven 7-step-system, I will guide you through your journey, so that you can access your innate abilities as well. My students usually get their first results quicker than expected. And so can you!

  • Will I have practical help and support during my home-study class?

    Yes. You will be guided through your learning experience in 10 full videos, with many practical exercises in between. And at any point of your class, you can ask your questions and share your personal experiences in a closed Facebook group.

  • Do I need to have any prior experience in animal communication?

    No. You will get a full training in the basics of animal communication and beyond. And even if you have some prior experience with animal communication, you will still learn something new. This class provides a wealth of information around this topic, and what you need to know about conversations with animals, and specifically with cats.

  • How is this class different from other animal communication courses?

    Animals communicate on different levels - each species in their own way. While other classes have a broader approach, I will guide you into the specifics of speaking with cats. Our beloved felines are much closer to us humans than other animals, and they have specific needs and wants. As a professional cat whisperer, I will be sharing with you some secrets about cats that you will NOT hear anywhere else, as well as the important tasks cats have with us.

  • What if I don't get the desired results?

    It is very unlikely that you won't be able to communicate with cats or other animals after the completion of this course. However, if for some reason you should not be happy with your results, you will get a full money refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

  • Will I get a certificate for the class?

    Yes. After successful completion of the full course, you will get an official certificate in animal communication.

  • What does the course look like?

    After your purchase, you get instant access to your learning portal, which is designed for an easy and comfortable learning experience. The class consists of 10 modules, each with a video class and the full written script. Most modules feature a practical exercise at the end, in which I guide you to connect to your cat and have a conversation. You can take the class in your own timing, and will receive full coaching support and exchange of experiences in a closed Facebook group.

Deepen your bond

You have nothing to lose... but everything to gain. Your cat will be grateful for you to reach out!

What other students say

I have learned soooo much!

by Irene O.

"I can really recommend this class! I have learned soooo much from and about my cats. Each one of my cats has a different task and reflects a different facet of me. Now when I listen to my cats, I am happy and they are happy. I have learned a lot, and can really recommend it to anyone! Wishing for many more classes to come!"

A wonderful step-by-step journey

by Denise A.

"This was a wonderful step-by-step journey and learning experience. I realized there are many different methods of connecting to animals. Very hands-on, practical and applicable in everyday life. It has really helped me immensely and has strengthened the relationship with my cats. Thank you, Sylvie!"

This class is unique

by Karen O.

"This class is unique. In the different modules, Sylvie relays her experience and deep knowledge of cats and animal communication in a very easy and competent way. The easy-to-follow concept has many practical exercises and different methods. There is so much new and interesting to learn - I can really recommend this course to any cat lover out there!"

Join the class

Valued at: € 497 - Today only: € 77

Before you go:

A word from Sylvie Sterling

"Cats are our loving companions and beautiful souls. They come to us for an important reason, and with a designated life purpose: To help us on our life path and to become our best selves. In this class, you will learn how your cat is your guide and wisdom teacher - and what the number 1 thing is that your cat wants from you. See you in the class!"

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