Are you a spritual minded cat lover?

Do you want to learn animal communication, energy healing or how to work with cats professionally?

What this Academy is about

FELINE SOUL ACADEMY is an online school for those who are interested in the innate wisdom and the spiritual side of cats - and how they help us on our life path.

My classes will help you connect to your cat, as well as to your true self, your inner guidance, your intuition and your unique soul path.

Whether you want to communicate with cats on all levels, tap into their souls, or become a healer or cat practitioner - I will guide you on your journey.

Why is this important?

Cats are very special. They are not only our loving life companions - their soul paths are also closely entwined with ours. They come to us with an important purpose - to help us find and follow our purpose!

Cats are extremely grateful when we reach out to them and give them a voice. When we listen to what the have to say, and recognize how they are helping us. It will enrich your life incredibly when you learn to tune into your cats' soul language and understand how very important their role in your life is.

This Academy is for you, if you are interested in tapping into the innate wisdom and the spiritual side of cats - and if you truly want to understand them on a heart and soul level.

Hi, I'm Sylvie Sterling

Cat Whisperer & Founder of the Feline Soul Academy - I will show you the secret and magical side of your cat

Why should you learn from me?

I am a professional cat expert, animal communicator, energy healer, spiritual teacher & awakening coach - specialized in helping cats and their humans live a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life together.

  • I have conducted thousands of sessions with cats. All my knowledge, experience and insights into the feline psyche and soul are based on actual conversations with cats.

  • Everything I teach comes NOT from outdated book lore, conventional cat psychology methods or dry scientific research - but from THE CATS THEMSELVES!

  • All my methods and teachings are proven in practice, with real cats and real clients, in a unique combination of communication, healing & spiritual knowledge.

  • I am 100% specialized in cats and give you unique insights and background information on our feline companions and their important role in our lives.

  • I don't just give you the techniques of learning animal communication... I also teach you to find a true soul connection with cats and with yourself.

Are you in?

Pick your favorite class below, and make 2024 your most purr-poseful year ever!

Get ready to...

Connect to your cat & your true self. Step into your power. Develop your gifts. Make a difference in the world.

Your travel guide for the Academy

Cat Whisperer & Founder of Feline Soul Academy

Sylvie Sterling

Cat expert, author, interspecies communicator, healer & spiritual teacher, Sylvie is known for her uncanny ability to intuitively tap into cats and see their soul connection and purpose with their humans. Sylvie's teachings and coachings are infused with her deep understanding of the feline soul and psyche, as well as her knowledge of the innate wisdom of cats. In this academy, Sylvie guides you to get a clearer vision of your awakening process and your cat's role in it.

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