The truth about cats

Our feline friends are NOT furry little animals that like to eat, sleep or play, and do nothing else. Here's the truth:

  • Cats are divine beings with great emotional intelligence and a beautiful soul.

  • They choose to come live with us, so they can support us on our life path.

  • HOW? By being their wonderfuls selves and inspiring us, so we can grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Cats have a beautiful soul purr-pose:

They come into our lives to help us humans find our life purpose and fulfill our soul mission.

Yet many people are not aware of it!

They don't understand their cat's higher mission, which is a cause of great frustration among cats.

In 1,000s of conversations with cats...

I have found the 10 most common archetypes of feline purposes. And the cats want me to share this wisdom with you!

What you get:

  • 1

    GIFT #1: E-book - The 10 Cat Archetypes

    • Find out about your cat's purr-pose & how this helps you on your soul path

  • 2

    GIFT #2: Quiz - What is your cat's purr-pose with you?

    • Take the interactive quiz & find out what your cat's archetype and purr-pose is

  • 3

    GIFT #3: Guided meditation - Tap into your cat

    • Ask your cat directly how s/he supports you & what s/he wants you to know

About the author

Cat Whisperer & Founder of Feline Soul Academy

Sylvie Sterling

Cat expert, author, interspecies communicator, healer & spiritual teacher, Sylvie is known for her uncanny ability to intuitively tap into cats and see their soul connection and purpose with their humans. Sylvie's teachings and coachings are infused with her deep understanding of the feline soul and psyche, as well as her knowledge of the innate wisdom of cats. In this academy, Sylvie guides you to get a clearer vision of your awakening process and your cat's role in it.

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