Are you a spiritual cat lover, wanting to...

  • Understand your CAT's behavior & purr-pose with you?

  • Find a deep CONNECTION with yourself & your soul path?

  • Find & follow your purr-pose and CALLING?

Your cat can help you!

Your cat is in your life for a very important reason: To help you on your life path and to "push" you when you are not aligned with your calling and your soul path.

Your cat knows you better than anyone else - even better than you know yourself. 

With her innate wisdom and infinite love for you, she can sense and feel when you are not fulfilled, or when you hold yourself back, or when you play small and don't shine your light.

Have you noticed any strange or alarming behavior in your cat? 

If you have wondered what your cat needs or what she is trying to tell you... Why she shows heightened behavior, why she is getting sick, or why she doesn't seem happy... Then this is for you.

Your cat's purr-pose is to help you with yours! 

She supports you emotionally, physically and spiritually,  and she'll help you get or stay aligned with your soul's desire.

Your cat has three wishes for you:

  • S/he wants you to be happy
  • S/he wants you to do what you love
  • S/he wants to be your compass & guide

And she will do what she can - manifesting illnesses or mirroring your life topics back at you - so that you recognize that you are "off track".

Are you ready to find out more? 


Find out how you can connect with your cat, her messages, wishes, and needs - and how she can be your best guide in finding and following your life purpose.

What is special about this class?

By understanding your cat, you will find yourself - and align with your purpose. It's all connected!

How this class will change your life

After this 5-part awakening program, you will:

  • Always understand your cat's behavior, wants & needs.

  • Feel connected to your higher self, your spirit guides & your star family.

  • Be able to self-heal your emotional topics on a body, mind & soul level.

  • Be fully aware of your unique life purpose & soul mission on this planet.

  • Feel a magical connection with your cat as your barometer and spiritual guide.

What you'll get

An immersive 5-step program for yourself & your cat, designed with fast results and transformative changes in both your lives!

  • 6 recorded video modules with rich information, which will enable you connect to your cat, yourself and your life purpose.

  • 6 powerful meditations for healing, attuning, and letting go of limiting beliefs, childhood programming, old trauma, past life karma, etc.

  • Step-by-step training to access your intuitive abilities, so that you can communicate with your cat, your spirit guides and your star family

  • Optional: 5 weekly live coaching calls, with personal readings of your cat and what s/he does for you, so that you can have you a deeper bond than ever.

Your cat is in tune with you & the Universe

S/he knows when you are not on track and will "act up" or act weird – to show you that you need to look into yourself!

Your cat needs this if...

  • You can't shake the feeling that your cat is not happy

  • Your cat shows any kind of intensified or alarming behavior

  • Your cat reflects your life topics, moods or emotional states

  • Your cat has the same physical symptoms or illness as you

An amazing experience! - Lora M.

"I was expecting to learn new ways to develop a stronger bond with my cats. What I was not prepared for was learning how to develop a stronger bond with MYSELF! This course helped me to discover parts of myself that were buried and lost. Remembering what my purpose is has helped me to connect with my cats on a deeper level. Thank you again for an amazing experience!"

What the course entails

You'll get guidance for navigating these turbulent times and for your personal awakening journey, with the help of your cat

  • Pre-call: Get clear & set your intention

    Before you get started, you'll set a powerful intention for this class. In this complimentary kickoff-call, you'll outline your personal journey of awakening and soul alignment, together with your cat.

  • Module 1: Connect deeply to your cat companion

    Your cat has something to say! In this first module, we'll explore your cat's role in your life and listen to her messages. What areas does she see for you to heal and transmute? How does she help you on your journey?

  • Module 2: Connect to your soul self & purpose

    This is where we get in deep... You'll learn to connect to your soul and find out what your purpose and unique gift is. You'll then transform this into a powerful statement to show up and shine your light.

  • Module 3: Connect to your higher guidance

    You are always supported by the Universe... but sometimes you can't hear your guidance clearly. In this module, you'll learn to connect to your higher self, as well as your spirit team and your star family.

  • Module 4: Heal your past, present & future

    We all carry emotional burdens, karmic imprints, programming from childhood as well as past wounds. In this module, we'll dive into the techniques to self-heal past lifetimes and all your emotional "stuff".

  • Module 5: Walk your unique soul path

    It is time to celebrate! You can now walk your soul path with more love & ease - fully aware of your unique gifts and your calling. Your cat will be your loyal companion and watchful guide on your spiritual journey.

This class is for you

If you are a lightworker, healer, intuitive, empath, starseed or wayshower - wanting a deeper connection with your cat to help you fully align with your purpose.

Your special bonus

Get immediate FREE access to my course "Communicate with Cats", so you can learn the basics of animal communication in just 3 days! It will help you get in tune with your cat, so you can take full advantage of her powerful messages and personal guidance during the program.

Your price today

Valued at: € 555 - Today only: € 77

This course was life-changing! - Kat Z.

"This beautiful course was life-changing, an inspiration and in-depth exploration of my experience with my beautiful cat. She is my muse, teacher, guide, mirror, and protector of my energies. Her entry into my life has heralded a new phase, including my artistic expressions and intuitive offerings. We are both so grateful to Sylvie for her heartfelt, philosophical teachings and meditations. Journeying to the planets was especially memorable. Our warmest thanks, dear Sylvie, for the nurturing calm, peace, and joy your deep yet light teachings continue to bring us."

Why should you work with me?

As a cat whisperer, I've had 1,000s of conversations with felines.

I don't recite from cat textbooks or scientific research. Everything I teach and share COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE CATS THEMSELVES!

That's why I created this program

Taking into account how closely cats and their humans are connected - not only in daily life, but also on a soul level - I will help you finetune your magical connection, so you can both enjoy a happy, harmonious, fulfilled and purr-poseful life together.


  So you can fully UNDERSTAND YOUR CAT, why she behaves a certain way, how it is connected with your unresolved life topics, and what she really wants and needs.

So you can STOP STRUGGLING on your spiritual path and embrace your cat's guidance - to help you FIND YOUR PURPOSE and become a happier, fully AWAKENED YOU. 

Your price today

Valued at: € 555 - Today only: € 77

This course blew my mind! - Jenn D.

“This course blew my mind and exceeded my expectations. I’m new to the starseed awakening process and felt this is for other people but not for me. But when I found myself being greeted by my star family, my heart sang. They welcomed me home and I didn’t want to leave, it felt so comfortable and familiar there. I came back exhilarated and in a state of wonderment, deep knowing and remembering. This class opened up a whole new dimension for me and is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Your travel guide for this journey

Sylvie Sterling - Cat Whisperer & Ascension Guide

Cat Whisperer & Founder of Feline Soul Academy

Sylvie Sterling

Cat expert, author, interspecies communicator, healer & spiritual teacher, Sylvie is known for her uncanny ability to intuitively tap into cats and see their soul connection and purpose with their humans. Sylvie's teachings and coachings are infused with her deep understanding of the feline soul and psyche, as well as her knowledge of the innate wisdom of cats. In this academy, Sylvie guides you to get a clearer vision of your awakening process and your cat's role in it.

Are you in?

Here are the how's and when's of this transformative program

  • When does the course start?

    You start right away! This class is pre-recorded and you'll go through the modules in your own timing. After signing up, you'll get full access to all course modules with videos, audios, and workbooks.

  • How long does it take?

    For best results, we recommend to spread the course over 5 weeks, with one module per week. This way you can fully integrate the effects into your life. But it's up to you how fast you want to progress.

  • What if I take the live coaching?

    Great! After signing up, you'll get access to the full class plus dial-in links for 5 consecutive weeks of group coaching calls. The Zoom calls take place live on Thursdays at 4pm PT, 5 pm MT, 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET.

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